Homeownership is the prime way of building wealth when it comes to middle-class millennials. Owning a property is perhaps a dream for many and having one of their own which leads to an important topic i.e. Financial Literacy. Strategizing your investment according to your financial status is pivotal to any investment decision. The key factors that impact the decision-making capacity when it comes to residential real estate investments boil down to the following:

  • A good understanding of the proposed area including product design, construction activities and timing.
  • Knowledge and outcomes of similar projects in the specified area
  • Knowledge of past, existing or approved projects of a developer which will help in assessing
  • Minimisation of environmental impacts.
  • selection of alternative production techniques, and/or locations or alignments.
  • Continuous assessment of environmental and socio-economic conditions can be studied by going through the abovementioned data available.
  • Government Stimulus is effective in attracting buyers

It is clear, therefore, that Government with its rules and regulations intends the development of the industry to improve the design and layout of developments along sustainable lines; and that a developer wanting to submit the application will need to systematically chart out sustainability in the purview of development which is viable for all. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is the prime mission of the government of India, being implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The objective of the mission is to make housing affordable for all, as repercussion housing loans and interest rates have come down profoundly. In addition to this, Real Estate Investment Trust has got the nod from the Securities Exchange Board Of India for increasing investment opportunities in the real estate sector. This has been a boon for the masses that are on the lookout to have a feasible and affordable homeownership.

RERA making it viable in real estate

Residential property in India has been facing challenges for the last decade when it comes to the delivery of a project. With the introduction of RERA in the Indian real estate sector, things have become favourable for buyers. The act has been with the sole intent of safeguarding the interest of the buyers. It is about making homes affordable by making the purchase process transparent and ensuring the timely handover of the property. With this in mind, one wants to own a property in the emerging sector to enjoy the fruits of upcoming infrastructure instilled with modern amenities and enjoy smooth connectivities to the neighbouring cities. With investments in Delhi NCR spilt to Noida Expressway and the like of it, new interest has been blooming among homebuyers.

Advantages of the Locus Point

The upcoming projects on the Noida – Greater Noida Expressways are not only easily accessible but also affordable when it comes to cost-benefit analysis. While it is well connected with the roadways but is also connected to the nearest Noida City centre metro for a smooth commute. The growth of communication infrastructure has resulted in huge growth in this particular corridor with respect to capital appreciation.

Despite the area offering affordable homes for the mid-income segment, there are homes available for high-end homebuyers as well. Several developers on Noida Expressway are customising their properties according to the need of the buyers that cost anywhere above Rs 2-5 crore. With the composite construction in mind, several multinational companies are also looking to construct smart offices and in-house facilities and 5-star hotels that are making their way on the expressway.

Stellar Opportunities at the bay

This is not only an opportunity to invest in the Noida Expressway for commute purposes but with the growth of the IT sector, one can expect to realize better gains from it. “While there are already several MNCs placed here, a large number of IT companies are also prospecting Noida Expressway in future. Once the IT hub starts developing, there will be increased job opportunities giving a thrust to the real estate investments here,” said an official from housing.com

There are ample opportunities for business and development emerging in the city, which not only attracts startups but also helps in leveraging the tax benefits that come with it. One can also go through quantitative assessments that can be used to aid the impact predictions in assessments of most environmental changes. There are numerous logistic hubs, warehouses have been set up here. With the number of new construction, Noida Expressway has become a favourite investment among homebuyers.

Upcoming Residential Project in the Noida Expressway

ACE Infracity Developers is coming with new residential property on the Noida- Greater Noida expressway. They are one of the most renowned construction groups that have completed world-class projects and upgraded the living style of their residents. With an already diversified portfolio, ACE Starlit Noida is going to add another feather to its cap as they are steadily gaining market presence and are becoming the first preference of buyers. Their ethics have been reflected in the quality of their work, transparent work ethics and cutting-edge technology which gives a sense of belonging to its residents.


In the end, the crux lies in a thorough assessment of the investment you are going to put your money into and the return on investment that it yields. Most homebuyers find it beneficial to put money into developing areas so that their investment can enjoy the benefits of long-term appreciation. On the other hand, if they decide to settle in the said area, they will be able to enjoy the upgraded and modernised lifestyle by then. The win-win situation has made Noida Expressway the most cherished place in the books of investors.